A roof under the stars

This time she fell really hard
Harder than she ever had
Said, can’t trust anyone anymore
Said, there’s nothing to live for
I told her, “Let it heal, give it time
Not all wounds leave behind scars..”

She built a roof over her head
And painted the walls red
Said, she can sleep better
Said, she will feel safer
I told her, “When you open your eyes
You’re going to miss the stars..”

They found her next morning
Outside, in the garden, hanging
She left behind a life so wrecked
Moved on with a scarf around her neck
I went to see her one last time
And to her I sang the Wild mountain thyme
She still had that peaceful smile
Happiest I’ve seen her in a while
They said she left a note for me
In red letters, dated September 23
She wrote, “Don’t be mad at me
Now I’ll live among the stars..”

So never ask me this again,
Why I sleep without a roof, under the stars..


Wall Clock

There’s this old clock hanging on my wall
It’s my grand mother’s, she bought it in the 1960’s
And I just noticed something odd about it

A little while ago it was saying “11:00″
I can distinctly remember that..
Because at that very moment
I got stumbled upon an old memory,
And it occurred to me that
I’m now old and wise enough to let it go..

Whether I could actually do that,
It’s another matter and I’ll deal with it later..
But for now, I should be figuring out
Why is my clock saying it’s “10:35“??
And something else is strange, the second hand,
It’s actually running backwards!!
Or is it??  Hmm.. Yes it is..

Maybe it’s broken, it’s really old you know
Then again broken clocks just don’t go backwards
Or do they??  No, I don’t think so..
So I’m guessing that it’s not a clock at all,
May be it’s a time machine
And somehow I made it to work, somehow
I’ve managed to turn back the time..

Well, it’s either that or I’m seeing things…