They say life is a journey
with only one obvious destination
No matter which route you take,
you’ll always reach there in the end
So what, if you’ve missed
the right train for a wrong someone ?
There’s always a bus stop round the corner ..


Dedicated to all the glass-half-full people out there 🙂


The world we live in

“I fell in love the very first time I saw you. You just looked so damn cute in that white dress, just like an angel. And I’ve never seen an angel before in my life. I guess that’s why I fell for you.”

He looked so happy as if he was back in that moment again. She just smiled and replied

“Well, that’s convenient.”

“What’s convenient ?”

He asked with a puzzling look in his eyes

“You don’t want to admit it. But you were just desperate for someone to come into your life. And I came at the right moment. Just tell the truth.”

“Even if I tell the truth, what difference it’s gonna make? I mean, you’re not going to come back, are you?. You’re just a figment of my imagination.”

“That’s one way of looking at it.”

“So you’re saying what? Is there any other way to look at it?”

She leaned on to him and whispered in his ear

“How can you be so sure that the world you live in is real? That, your life is not an imagination of someone else? Ever thought of it?”

He sat there silent for a moment and then replied

“Yes , I’ve thought about it a thousand times. The life as I know it and the world as I see it, is too hard, unfair, unpredictable and painful. It has to be real…”

(Joanna’s Ghost)


(An extract taken from a short story I wrote a couple of years ago)

Edge of the sky

Remember the time when you told me
while holding my hand and pointing
to the horizon where the sun disappeared
That, it’s not the edge of the world, it’s
where your sky and my sea meet each other ..

I’ve held on to that belief for years
But today, sitting alone at the same spot
I’m realizing that I’ve been wrong all along
That, it was not them becoming one
Your sky begins where my sea of life ends ..

Little things

It’s the little things that
you’re always going to miss
Like, that cold rainy evening
in your dear old hometown
The very first time you made
your own rainbow in the backyard
The warm gentle breeze that
always smelled like springtime ..

Those are the things that you can
actually go back to, if you wish
But for you, just like most people
Life is all about chasing dreams
Going places, climbing the ladders
and fighting to stay on top ..

And amongst all these struggles
you keep those little things locked up
in the darkest corners of your mind
Hoping that maybe one day,
One day you’ll have enough success
so that you could just stop chasing life
and go back to where you came from
To that place you once called home
But that almost never happens, isn’t it?

Meet me in September

If you ever find a time machine
Go where no one had ever gone before
Witness the rise and fall
of empires and civilizations
Rewrite pieces of history
and change the world as we know it
Then, meet me in September ..

When the night sky meets the moon
When darkness comes to life
Sitting under the crimson street lights
Singing away the pain one song at a time
I’ll tell you the story
Of one hundred lonely sunsets
And if that doesn’t change anything
Then, meet me in October ..

A street full of orange leaves, dead
The season so aptly named Fall
Among a hundred nameless faces
Find me if you could, I’ll be faceless then
Stand back and admire if you might
The beginning of my very end
And if you had enough, leave me behind
Or else, meet me in November ..

The last song of a lost soul
Last rites of a forgotten life
If you could then look me in the eyes
those lifeless, dreamless eyes
And tell me I’m forgiven, or just
walk away and never look back
Just as I remember the last time
and a thousand times before that
And I’ll die a thousand more
in the hope of another chance,
a different you and a better ending
When we meet again in September ..