Book of Lies

Few days back I bought this book
Apparently it’s an old western classic
And I got it for half the price, pretty good deal.. huh??
The only problem was that it was of no use to me
Never liked a book before,  never been a fan..

So I’m sitting there and thinking
Maybe I should gift it to someone
After all what’s life, if you cannot share
an old western classic with someone else??
As luck would have it, I found someone
Who was actually looking for that same book..
If that was not a sign from the universe,
Then I don’t know what it was..

Suddenly everything was looking bright in life,
Birds were singing,  sun was rising from the east..
Or was it already like that??  Who cares??
But as they say, nothing last forever
Two days later it was back in my hands again
The events leading up to that are not important
What is really important is that,
I’m stuck with this stupid old book again ..

And now I’m starting to think that
it’s like cursed or something, seriously..
It is just sitting there in the corner of my table
Like a painful memory I just can’t get rid of..
I can always pretend that it’s not there anymore
But the truth is that every now and then
I just look at it and say to myself
“One day I’m going to read this book and find happiness
Or find enough courage to burn it down.. “



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