No more, not any more..

The drops of rain on my windowpane
Gust of wind on a warm summer day
There are still stories inside them
And they whisper it all the time
But I don’t want to hear anymore..

People, things, feelings and places
Teary little eyes and smiling faces
There’s so much to write about
There’s so much left to see
But I just don’t care anymore..

Blue Mountain roads, red velvet cupcakes
Yellow maple leaves on green park benches
This world is full of colors and joy
But what color is a forgotten love
I don’t need to know anymore..

That old street, where dreams used to meet
The left hand side under my umbrella
Lots of emptiness all around me
But nothing is emptier than my soul
I just don’t live here anymore..

Somewhere deep inside of my heart
Where old memories go to die
There are memories that could light a flame
And fill up the empty rooms in my soul
But I don’t want to go there anymore
Don’t think I could remember anymore..

A happy ending story, a long lost love song
A sonnet of faith and everlasting hope
So much left to write, but no, not anymore
I’m not me anymore and I don’t believe anymore..



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