The Letter

“I’m gonna write her a letter”

“A letter ?? Who write letters anymore ??”

“It’s the only way for my words to reach her”

“You could just send her an email. Why a letter ??”

“She should know, my hands were shaking when I wrote it ..”


To Joanna, with love ..

Dear Joanna,

I’m not writing this with any kind of hope
That someday you’ll be reading this
For I know our lives were always different
Our paths were never meant to cross
But I don’t know, since when or why
All I know is that there was never any space
For me in that beautiful, crazy heart of yours ..

But still, somewhere deep inside of my mind
I’ve kept a dream alive ..
That one day, not too far from now
As You walk alone in a warm summer rain
Singing in that heavenly voice of yours
Feeling the raindrops on your forehead
I want to sail on the wind caressing
Those long strands of hair fallen onto your face
And whisper slowly in your ears, that
“For you, only for you Joanna
I’ll walk a different path
I’ll change the way I live
I’ll change everything about myself
Just not because I love you more than anything
Also because I don’t see any other way
I don’t think I could live without you ..”

But, you never liked walking in the rain
So this dream will always be a dream
And fifty years from now, lying on my death bed
I’ll still be wondering
What if you were going to say Yes ..
And my greatest regret would be that
I’ll probably die without knowing you ..
So I’m going to keep this dream alive forever
And hope against all odds
That one day you’ll come and look into my eyes
One day you’ll come and look through my eyes ..

Till then, my beloved ..