The stories they tell

What am I, if not the
stories I leave behind ??

A hundred years from now
who’ll be me, to those people
who’d never seen me in the flesh,
who were never been there
through my struggles, my failures
my fights, my journey, my ending ..

All they have will be the stories
passed on to them by people
who heard them from some other people
who got them from someone else
who used to know me, been there with me ..

And I wonder how many of those stories
will be lost in translation,
how many of them will have
survived the ever changing times
No matter how long you live,
it’s all about leaving enough
stories to remember you by ..

That’s what puts me back on my knees
every time I fall, makes me fight back
That’s what drives me on, keeps me alive
Because to those people who’ll walk
on this earth long after I’ve gone
I’ll be the sum of a few stories
stories they know, stories they remember
And I, I want to be a damn good one ..



“We humans, are the most unfortunate of them all”

Whispered Victor in that husky old voice.

“All of our lives we search for the meaning of life, the true purpose of our existence. But no one really gets the whole picture until it’s too late”

Albert had this confused look on his face. “I’m Sorry Mr.Garcia, I think I lost you on that.” Said the young doctor.

“You won’t actually realize what does it all mean, not until you’re me. Not until you’re a lonely 80 years old man, lying in his hospital bed, staring at the roof and counting the number of seconds since the last time you felt the cold breath of death down on your neck. In that moment you can see it all clearly.”

He could barely put those words together.

“Life is all about a few simple choices. The ones you make as you go along. Because when you look back at the end of your journey, that’s all you can see. Some of them makes you smile again, some fills your heart with regret. I can tell you son, that feeling of regret is what makes death painful. It’s like going from this world leaving some part of you behind. Because you know wherever your journey takes you next, you’re never going to be complete”

“Okay, I can see what you’re trying to say. But, why are you telling me all this ??” Asked Albert.

“Because I want to die without any regrets”

— People and Places