About those eyes again

Hidden somewhere

in the depths of your shiny little eyes

There’s a place where

my wandering soul will find it’s home


The Letter

“I’m gonna write her a letter”

“A letter ?? Who write letters anymore ??”

“It’s the only way for my words to reach her”

“You could just send her an email. Why a letter ??”

“She should know, my hands were shaking when I wrote it ..”

The stories they tell

What am I, if not the
stories I leave behind ??

A hundred years from now
who’ll be me, to those people
who’d never seen me in the flesh,
who were never been there
through my struggles, my failures
my fights, my journey, my ending ..

All they have will be the stories
passed on to them by people
who heard them from some other people
who got them from someone else
who used to know me, been there with me ..

And I wonder how many of those stories
will be lost in translation,
how many of them will have
survived the ever changing times
No matter how long you live,
it’s all about leaving enough
stories to remember you by ..

That’s what puts me back on my knees
every time I fall, makes me fight back
That’s what drives me on, keeps me alive
Because to those people who’ll walk
on this earth long after I’ve gone
I’ll be the sum of a few stories
stories they know, stories they remember
And I, I want to be a damn good one ..